Team Details

Let's introduce Mr. Andrew Mark

Andrew Mark is the CEO of our design agency. He plays a key role in overseeing the agency’s operations, growth and strategic direction.
As the leader of the organization, he also sets the company’s vision, mission, and values. He spent 15 years providing strategic direction and ensuring the organization’s goals and objectives were met.


  • Educational Background: A degree in a relevant field, such as graphic design & UX.
  • Industry Experience: Extensive experience in the design industry 15 years & can be crucial.
  • Business Acumen: A solid understanding of business principles, marketing, and finance.


  • Visionary: A successful CEO in a design agency should have a clear vision.
  • Strong Communication Skills: A effective communication is essential for interaction.
  • Business Acumen:A strong understanding of business principles, finance, and marketing.


Problem-Solving Skills:


Networking Skills:


Leadership Skills: